ArborTek Pulls with Collar Mount Posts

The Rockwood ArborTek door pulls with collar mount posts combines a classic wood pull with contemporary metal collars,
providing a distinct, high-end aesthetic.

  • Natural grain and color variations add unique design characteristics
  • Wood grips are gentle to the touch in extreme cold or hot environments
  • Variety of wood types available, including custom and exotic species
  • Offered in various metal finishes with options of offset and straight post configurations

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Rockwood Vandal Resistant Trim

Rockwood VRT

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Vandal Resistant Door Pull. The VRP is designed to help prevent tampering with door pulls.For interior or exterior applications, the VRP is constructed of high strength steel for durability.

The patent pending uniquely sloped design of the pull makes it less vulnerable to binding the two door handles together to block egress. The VRP is ideal for use in K-12, university and public facilities.


Rockwood Vandal Resistant Pull

Push Plate with Horizontal Grain

HG Push Plate

We are pleased to introduce a push plate that matches the grain direction with kick and armor plates on the opening.


  • Part Number: HG70C
  • Material: 300 Series Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum
  • Size: 4" x 16"
  • Weight: .85lb (Stainless Steel)
  • Finishes: US32, US32D, US4, US28
  • Fasteners: #6 x 5/8 OH SMS


HG70C Cut Sheet

Infused With Architectural Elements

We are proud to announce two new door pulls for the Rockwood MezzoTek and GeoMetek collections. Influenced by famous architectural buildings, these new pulls showcase simple decoration and modern design.

  • MezzoTek Double Stepped Post Pull
    The layered posts on the RM2150 add a new level of refinement to the classic post mount style pull
  • GeoMetek Straight Rectangular End Pull
    The RM7960 displays understated curves, clean lines, and a stepped base, giving elegant details to a rectangular pull

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Horizontal Locking Pull


  • Post mount or bent end design offered
  • Available for PostMount Series half height models only
  • Choice of single or double sided bar


  • Keeps glass clean and free of hand prints
  • Provides greater push/pull area while maintaining a clean aesthetic
  • Contemporary design that suites with popular Rockwood door pulls

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AccenTek Collection


We are proud to announce the addition of the AccenTek Collection to their architectural door pull line. This elegant collection features accents of white, black, or subtle parting lines. These contemporary style pulls are made from solid brass and beautifully enhance glass, wood, or metal doors.

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Locking Pull - GeoMetek Style

The new square locking pull integrates the Rockwood GeoMetek style door pull with a deadbolt locking system. Engineered for ease of installation, it's manufactured to ensure strength and durability with clean and appealing lines.

Other features include:locking

  • Key operated from outside; turn piece on inside
  • Available for use on glass, aluminum, hollow metal or wood doors
  • Multiple locking options: floor, head or both
  • Offered in plain or upholstery leather wrapping
  • Custom engraving option available
  • Finishes available: 32/629, 32D/630 and 10BE/613E
    - MicroShield® antimicrobial coating: US32MS, US32DMS

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Dark Satin Bronze Equivalent


We are proud to announce the addition of a Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze equivalent (10BE/613E). This beautiful new finish provides the richness and warmth of the 10B/613 "living" finish, but maintains its original color and appearance and will not fade or wear over time. Durable and cost effective, this finish will be offered by Corbin Russwin, McKinney, Norton, Rixson, Rockwood, SARGENT and Yale, providing visual consistency between ASSA ABLOY Group brands. The new 10BE/613E finish will only be available on the following product lines:dark

  • Push Plates
  • Mop Plates
  • Kick Plates
  • Armor Plates
  • Corner Guards
  • Door Edgings
  • Solid Pulls/Push Bars
  • RM Series* (Architectural line)

View the specific product pages for additional information.

The New MariTek Collection


We are proud to announce the addition of the Rockwood MariTek Collection to our architectural door pull line. The collection's versatile design lends itself to contemporary or traditional environments depending on finish selection.

Its smooth, ergonomic grip is pleasing to the touch and is offered with two different post styles. Made from solid cast brass, these door pulls come in 7 architectural finishes and showcase the quality and durability you expect from ASSA ABLOY.

  • RM5700 - CTC 6"
  • RM5702 - CTC 12"
  • Finishes: US3, US4, US10B, US14, US15, US26, US26D

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Expanded GeoMetek Collection


We are proud to announce the addition of offset and leather wrapped door pulls to their GeoMetek Collection. These new pulls are a must have element to a divinely designed interior.

  • Square and Rectangular
  • Straight or Offset Pulls
  • Upholstery Leather Grip Available

Don't forget about our matching square accessories! Asquare coat hook, floor stop and wall stop are available to complement the GeoMetek Collection. View our product pages for additional information.

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