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The becoming, yet subtle luster of the satin black hard coat anodized aluminum grip makes a striking contrast to the selected finish of the end sections. We show mirror polished stainless steel, but many alternative finishes are available. This compelling design is also practical due to its durability and high visibility. Available in 3 diameters and a variety of lengths.

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Available Styles
To view detailed information for an available style, click on its corresponding Item# link in the scrollable table below. After clicking on the Item# link, you can then view the cut sheet for the selected item and view all associated item details in the tab panel.

Offset Pulls-Round Ends RM3834 1" Dia.
RM3844 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3854 1-1/2" Dia.
Offset Pulls-Square Ends RM3830 1" Dia.
RM3840 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3850 1-1/2" Dia.
Offset Push Pull Sets - Round Ends RM3837 1" Dia.
RM3847 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3857 1-1/2" Dia.
Offset Push Pull Sets - Square Ends RM3835 1" Dia.
RM3845 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3855 1-1/2" Dia.
Push Bars- Round Ends RM3806 1" Dia.
RM3816 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3826 1-1/2" Dia.
Push Bars- Square Ends RM3802 1" Dia.
RM3812 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3822 1-1/2" Dia.
Straight Pulls-Round Ends RM3804 1" Dia.
RM3814 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3824 1-1/2" Dia.
Straight Pulls-Square Ends RM3800 1" Dia.
RM3810 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3820 1-1/2" Dia.
Straight Push Pull Sets - Round Ends RM3807 1" Dia.
RM3817 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3827 1-1/2" Dia.
Straight Push Pull Sets - Square Ends RM3805 1" Dia.
RM3815 1-1/4" Dia.
RM3825 1-1/2" Dia.
  For Selected Item:   RM3845
Selected Item:   RM3845
Line Drawing:

To view a larger version, click on the image at right.

Selected Item:   RM3845
Base Metals:  Aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel.

Diameter:  1-1/4"

Projection:  3"

Pull CTC:  8"

Push CTC:  Specify

Options:  To specify multi-bar sets suffix -2 or -3 to pull number (example:  RM3845-2).
Selected Item:   RM3845

Our mounting systems firmly attach the pull to the door and are guaranteed for the life of the door. Choose from thrubolt, back to back or concealed mountings for wood, metal and glass doors.

Note: Y base plates are recommended on wood or glass doors to make a stable and durable mounting.

Note: Heavy Duty (HD) mounting features hex drive for positive tightening and large overall size for superior strength. Recommended for high frequency and rough service openings.

Mounting Options:

Click on a mounting type and view drawing for this item.

   Type 13HD
   Type 15HD
   Type 1HD
   Type 5HD
   Type 6HD
Selected Item:   RM3845

Most of Rockwood's products are available in a wide variety of architectural finishes. The photographs generally show only one finish for aesthetic reasons, but we make all traditional architetural finishes. The base metal is indicated in the Specs folder. All available finishes for this item are listed at right.

Available Finishes:

Selected Item:   RM3845
Application Suggestion:

To view a larger version, click on the image at right.
No Image Available for This Item