Standard Duty Concealed - Stop Only


Material: Stainless Steel


  • Jamb: #12-24 x 1/2" FH MS or #12 x 1-1/2" FH WS
  • Door: #12-24 x 1-1/2" FH MS or #12 x 1-1/2" FH WS


  • Doors may be single or double acting
  • Non-handed
  • Slide track design
  • Recommended for medium traffic, medium weight doors
  • Degree of opening is fully adjustable and can be adapted to changing needs
  • Heavy shock absorber spring provides 5-7° compression before deadstop
  • Multi-function unit is shipped as a stop. Can be converted to a hold open or friction in the field. MF5012 KIT (Adapter kit) included
  • Complete screw packet kit for installation in wood or metal door and frame
  • For security areas, Torx® screws available for exposed fasteners, but heavy-duty units should be considered for high security applications
  • Durable slider cam and shock block
  • 110° maximum opening
  • 3/4" square channel
  • Stop function UL listed for fire door assemblies

Part Number


Butts/Offset Pivots


ANSI A156.8

OH201S Stop Only 18" - 24" 3.5 lbs. C04542




Bright Brass, Clear Coated US3 605 605
Satin Brass, Clear Coated US4 606 606
Satin Bronze, Clear Coated US10 612 612
Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed US10B 613 613
Polished Stainless Steel US32 629 629
Satin Stainless Steel US32D 630 630